History of Christ United Methodist Church

In our 125th year, we trace our history from a chapel built in a fishing village to a stately sancutary and vital ministry in the heart of a great city. In all of these times, we have sought to minister to the needs of the people and proclaim Christ as Lord and Savior.


Christ Church, originally known as First Methodist Episcopal Church of St. Petersburg, opened its doors on February 17, 1892 with twenty members on the corner of Central Avenue and Fifth Street at a cost of $500. The first full-time minister arrived in 1902. Our building grew from a 24 x 38 foot building (1892), to a "shell dash" church (1906) at our current location at First Avenue North and Fifth Street, to a "buff brick" church seating 1050 (1915), to our present sanctuary (1953) seating 1704.


Over 25 young people have dedicated their lives to serve in the Methodist Ministry as Ministers, one becoming a Bishop of the church. Thousands of other church members have actively served others in the church community, the surrounding community, and overseas. We continue to find new and exciting ways to positively impact our community, locally and globally. Come join us as we continue to write the history of Christ Church.