Membership in the United Methodist Church is understood at three levels:  full, affiliate and associate memberships.  A person who is baptized and confirmed, or states a reaffirmation of faith, is received into Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) as a full member.  Persons who are members of another United Methodist Church, and wish to retain that relationship, may unite with CUMC as an affiliate member.   This is often done when someone comes to St. Petersburg  for a defined time limit, such as spending the winter months here.  The associate member  is someone who holds membership in another denomination but desires, also, to belong to a United Methodist Church.  The associate can participate fully in the life of the congregation but may not become a voting member of the church council.  Associate membership allows persons to retain membership in the church body that has historic family ties while participating in the life of CUMC.   Persons in both affiliate and associate membership are not counted among the total membership figures of Christ Church but continue to be counted in their home church’s tally only.  


In most instances, membership in the United Methodist Church is preceded by Confirmation Classes in which the beliefs, history and structure of the United Methodist Church are taught.  


The pastor of Christ United Methodist Church is available for discussion on any of these important sacraments and membership procedures.  ALL ARE WELCOME!


If you are interested in joining CUMC or just want to learn more about the United Methodist Church as a whole,

sign up for our Discovery Luncheon.  Call church office for date of next scheduled luncheon.

Let church office know or fill out the green registration sheet on Sunday morning to let us know if you are interested.