Holy Communion


At Christ United Methodist Church, Communion is an “open communion” which means that anyone who professes Jesus Christ as Lord is welcome.  Also, Communion is offered to anyone who desires to know Christ as Lord of his or her life. Communion is a means of grace. We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month.




Baptism is the entrance rite into the Church, the body of Christ.  Persons of any age are suitable candidates for Baptism because Christ’s body, the Church, is a great family that includes persons of all ages.  Holy Baptism is not repeatable because while our baptismal vows are less than reliable, God’s promise to us in the sacrament is steadfast.  To be baptized, candidates will meet with the pastor for prior discussions.  While sprinkling is the most common mode of administering the water, other ways also are available.  Baptism is not a private affair but involves the whole congregation who takes vows to help nurture the person, or child, in their Christian growth.