The Gathering

Whether you’re wearing a suit or sweatpants, worship in The Gathering will fill your soul with music and a message. Incorporating a full band, this service will make you shout for joy while also providing insight on how to approach an ever-changing world with a Christian mindset.


In Between

We all need a break. What will fill you this week? This break between services offers everyone a chance to be refreshed either spiritually or literally with bible study classes and weekly snacks in the courtyard.

Want to delve deeper into studying scripture? Our adult “Heavenly Friends” bible study offers in-depth weekly teachings, while leaving time for questions and discussion.

Children can attend Sunday School, while young people can check out our Youth Group.

If you just want to enjoy a cup of coffee, our patio provides a relaxed atmosphere where you can fellowship with others, simply unwind from the previous week, or join the pastor in discussions of the day.

A 20–30-minute conversation that occurs in Christ’s Courtyard, following the 9:30am Gathering Chapel Service.  The conversation is intended to be an extension of the sermon for that Sunday and a time for people to gain clarity, reflect on what they heard, and ask related questions.  See how the message may apply to our world today or your direct life today, while delving into the Word in a deeper and more satisfying way.


Traditional Service

Partake in the sacrament of Holy Communion (1st Sunday of the month), join in responsive prayer, sing along to hymns and enjoy immaculate anthems.


Special Services

Who doesn’t love a good reason to celebrate? We think that those special moments and seasons of the year deserve their own time and place to be honored. We offer our expansive venue for your special day or the timely celebration of one’s life.


Happy Birthday Jesus! Each year we come together to celebrate the birth of our Lord and the important lessons of family, hope, and the renewal of our faith in God.


The story of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection is a reminder of the great love and forgiveness that God gives us perpetually; despite our faults and mistakes.


We say baptism is the “ordinary” or “instituted” means of justifying grace. It is the usual way God has offered the church to enable people of any age to experience the justifying grace of God and the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit in their lives.


Planning a wedding can be exciting but stressful. When a couple decides to get married, our goal is to walk with them through the time leading up to their special day.


While funerals and memorial services acknowledge grief, our focus is celebrating the deceased’s life, legacy, and new life in Christ. Our goal is to combine the joy that accompanies fond memories with the hope we have because of God’s promise of eternal life. Our church family is here to stand with you in this difficult time.