Frequently Asked Questions

What Time are Your Services?

Service times are as follows.

The Gathering Praise Service:
9:30 am – 10:15 am (Sunday)

Between Services:
10:15 am – 11:15 am (Sunday)

Traditional Worship Service:
11:15 am – 12:00 Noon (Sunday)

What does “Traditional” mean?
Our Traditional Service utilizes many of the songs from the Methodist hymnals that have been around for years. It does not mean that our beliefs are traditional or conservative, but rather the order of our worship is a bit slower paced and common to people of all ages. Where The Gathering is filled with songs you hear on the radio, both secular and religious, and get’s you ready to clap and to dance, the organ aids us to be in a quieter and sacred mood, as has been done for generations in churches all over the world.
Can I partake in the service and take communion?

Of course! We as Methodist’s believe that the church and the Lord’s table is not meant solely for believers or church members. Our doors are open for anyone that is curious about starting or having a closer relationship with God.

Do I have to get dressed up?

Not at all! We hope you will feel welcome to come as you are, in what makes you feel ready to worship. You can come rock anything from a 3-piece suit to shorts and flipflops! We just ask that you do wear clothes of some sort and not just your birthday suit. We have many that come right after working out and others stop in while walking their dogs. (Animals allowed with some conditions of containment, such as a leash.)

Are there things to do for my kids?

Yes! We have a children’s program that is coming alive and growing under our new Pastor of Youth and Outreach Ministries, Pastor Travis Taylor. With four of his own kids and a load of experience with kids, we have fun whether there are 2, 20, or more kids from preschool through high school which show up.

Do I have to be "saved"?

No. The United Methodist Church believes that each person has a relationship with God and our journey with God is individualized and unique. We believe that God’s grace is for everyone, both believers and non-believers alike. This is not a country club for members only….it is for anyone who wants to learn more about God and come to have a better relationship with God, and we will be here to celebrate every time you take another step!

Anything to eat?

Yes! In-between our Praise Band service called The Gathering, and the Traditional Service, we have refreshments and snacks in our chapel or courtyard, depending on the weather. We invite everyone to grab a bite and socialize as we discuss the message or the events in our daily lives.